DO’s and DON’Ts after experiencing a fire


  • Call a fire damage repair & restoration company

  • Remove family members and pets to stay at a temporary location. Smoke contains carcinogens that are harmful when inhaled, so it is necessary to stay at a temporary home until the premises are deemed safe to return.

  • When inspected & deemed okay to enter the premises, open all the windows to get ventilation throughout the structure

  • Remove all items from your refrigerator and freezer, and prop open to ventilate

  • Take inventory on the damage in your home. Make lists of all the things you believe need repair or need to be replaced. Take pictures for your own records, to report to the insurance company, and in some cases, fire investigation.


  • Don’t wipe walls, anything wood, furniture, or any other absorbent objects

  • Don’t vacuum

  • Don’t turn on any heat or air conditioning units. Further circulation of the fire damage will cause more problems

  • Don’t consume any food items, including canned foods, that have been exposed to extreme heat

  • Don’t touch any electrical devices, such as: appliances, TVs, or radios.

  • Don’t attempt to cover up the fire damage remnants yourself, as masking the smell and disfiguration is not eradicating the problem.