Is water damage covered by my insurance?

If you have experienced water damage in your home, you may be wondering if it is covered by insurance. The answer is that it depends on the cause of the damage and the terms of your specific insurance policy.

Most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage that is sudden and accidental, such as damage caused by a burst pipe or a leaking roof. However, insurance may not cover damage that is a result of a lack of maintenance or neglect. For example, if you have a slow leak that goes undetected for an extended period of time and causes water damage, your insurance may not cover the damages. This is why it is essential to address any potential signs of water damage as soon as possible.

Disaster Doctors is happy to walk you through the process of making an insurance claim, furthermore Disaster Doctors focuses on a Dry Out method that will reduce the expense of your insurance claim helping it get approved faster. If you have ongoing water damage, then you must contact a water damage mitigation company as quickly as possible. Disaster Doctors are available 24/7 to assist during an emergency.