Past projects

For over 15 years, we have helped families clean up water damage, including restoring flooded basements, removing mold from basements, and fire restoration. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best care, and make sure we fix even unseen issues from your disaster, including completing mold inspections with every water damage restoration call we get. See how we’ve helped families across Utah get back to their lives post-disaster.


Disaster Doctors was called to the scene of a hospice in Millcreek, a suburb of Salt Lake City, in December of 2018. The owners showed up to a very unpleasant sight, flooding in one of the wings of the hospice. Luckily, the hospice was vacant at the time, so there was no evacuation, or injuries from this. The owners called their janitorial service to alert them of the problem. Knowing that water damage was out of their area of expertise, they called Disaster Doctors. Disaster Doctors works with several janitorial services, plumbers, and other trades, taking care of their water damage cleanup and restoration for them. Our expert work, and fast turnaround time make Disaster Doctors an easy choice for a tradesman to trust with their clients property. Disaster Doctors was at the property about an hour after the call came in, with a trailer full of fans and dehumidifiers, ready to begin the water mitigation process.

After getting the water turned off, and inspecting the property, our lead technician, Cody Stanger, found the source of the flooding. The smallest part, a $5 plastic piece attached to an in-line water heater, cracked, and that leak caused the massive amount of damage seen below. A simple replacement of the part will prevent any further water damage, but it’s circumstances like this that need to remind all of us to check those fixtures from time to time. A quick replacement can save you thousands! After the flood cause was identified, and further water damage prevented, it was time to get the hospice dried out. In a commercial building, that can be quite the daunting task, as the drywall is thicker than in a residential property. Our technicians had to remove drywall from several rooms, and use dozens of fans and dehumidifiers. The entire wing was dry within a few days, ready for repairs to begin.


Disaster Doctors got a call between 2-3am about a very bad water damage. This customer noticed they had quite a bit of saturation in their basement and a very bad smell. They hopped on Google, searched for the best water damage restoration companies in the area, and noticed we had more reviews, and a higher rating than any other company in the area, so they decided to give us a call. As we have a technician answering our phones live, 24 hours a day, our technician was able to alert them of the danger of the water (backed up sewage line means category 3 water) and able to get out to their home in about an hour to begin the cleanup and water damage restoration process. They had a lot of items in their basement, including a room full of boxes being used as storage. This all had to be moved out, so that we could get the carpets up, drywall out, and begin sanitizing and drying everything. The video shows the process from damage, to drying, to removal of carpet and drywall.