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Disasters may happen without warning. A flash flood may happen, fire may break out, or even lightning may strike your premises. When disaster strikes, you need the assistance of a reputable commercial damage restoration company in Salt Lake City, Utah to help you get back to business as soon as possible. The lag in downtime can run into thousands of dollars inconveniencing both your clients and the workers. However, with our prompt service and expertise, your office will be ready for use as soon as possible after a disaster. Contact the Disaster Doctors in Salt Lake City, Utah today for inquiries or quick disaster restoration services.

Utah Disaster Restoration Services

The speed and taking the right steps when disaster strikes are crucial to preventing injuries and further property damage.

Commercial Flooding and Storm Damage Cleanup

In case of a storm or flooding, shut off the mains power supply and evacuate all the staff members. Notify the insurance company, the landlord (if it is a rented premise) and us. Our teams will come with high power vacuuming systems for commercial water removal. We will also set up powerful fans to enable fast removal of moisture in the house.

From the point, we embark on cleaning the floor, the carpet, ceiling, and the walls. After this, we disinfect all the surfaces and use our contamination testing equipment to ensure that the house is clean and free of pathogens. We also clean the dirt that may have been deposited by surface water run-off outdoors.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

A commercial fire can be started by an electric fault, lightning or the cooking equipment. The procedure we follow for restoration depends on the extent of the fire damage. We can clean up small fires in a short period. However, for extensive powers, we inspect the building for structural integrity with our thermal imaging cameras and advise what needs to be done. We may do extensive repairs on your business or just the area that was directly affected by the fire.

Commercial Mold Removal

Mold grows on surfaces that have been damp for some time. Mold lowers the quality of indoor air and may cause respiratory system illnesses among the employees. We effectively clean up the mold in your commercial building, identify and fix the source of the moisture. This could be a leaking pipe, a leak in the roof, or a blockage in the drainage of the air conditioner. To prevent similar leakages into the future, we recommend preventive maintenance or inspection of your plumbing units for damage or leakage.

Contact Disaster Doctors: Your #1 SLC, Utah Commercial Damage Restoration Company

Do not attempt restoration after a disaster. It is expensive, and there is a risk that someone may get infected from the dirt that comes with these disasters. Instead, call our expert commercial damage restoration team to clean up the mess at 801-210-1988. We have the quality equipment and the expertise to deal with any magnitude of commercial disasters. Furthermore, we are licensed and can help with filing the insurance claim.

Have you had any of the above commercial disasters in the recent past? We may be able to help. If you’ve experienced commercial water damage, commercial fire damage, or are in need of commercial mold removal, contact Disaster Doctors in Salt Lake City, Utah, and someone will be on hand to assist. Every minute counts when you are not in business. Let us get you back up in no time.

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