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Commercial Water Damage Repair near Salt Lake City, Utah

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Everyone encounters water damage, but not everyone encounters fast, thorough, and preventative commercial plumbing repair. When water or mold invade your business, Disaster Doctors arrive at your door in 60 min or less, ANY hour of the day with state-of-the-art equipment to extract both seen and unseen water damage. We’re a family-owned business who won the 2017 “Best Damage Restoration Companies in Salt Lake City” for our expertise. Call Disaster Doctors today for a FREE estimate on commercial water damage repair and we’ll assess your damage and address the problem.

Our Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Process

Disaster Doctors do not just dry, but also assess why your particular commercial water damage occurred. Typically, the causes are an overflowing or clogged toilet, aged plumbing system, cracks in the building foundation, leaking roof, or old pipes. From there, we implement high-power vacuuming for water removal, high-power fans for ventilation, and state-of-the-art equipment for contamination testing.

Our SLC, Utah commercial water damage repair experts are experienced in dealing with wiring, the danger of wires exposed to water, and eliminating toxic mold. We leave nothing to chance and use a Flir E5 thermal imaging camera to detect lingering moisture or structural issues not obvious to the naked eye. We act fast to save your water-damaged property, so you won’t lose furniture, money, or time to water damage.

What To Do BEFORE We Arrive

We are a 24-hour service and arrive WITHIN the hour of your call. But before we arrive, here are steps you can take.

  • Mop up as much water as possible and remove anything on the floor, such as wet rugs and of course paper products. But be wary of removing electric appliances or wires. It’s best to wait for us to handle those as wiring that gets wet can be very dangerous. However, if your power sources or electric appliances are NOT near the flooded areas, turn them off.
  • Open your drawers and closet doors to decrease drying time.
  • Move your furniture away if possible and wipe down your furniture moisture as best you can.
  • Ensure you’ve moved wall paintings to a dry area.

Act Fast

At any sign of commercial water damage, err on the side of caution and act fast. Just as you wouldn’t let an infected wound fester before seeing a doctor, don’t let your water damage linger without consulting a Disaster Doctor. Waiting only gives the water more time to seep into infrastructure, which only worsens your damage and prolongs the problem. Once ceiling tiles and drywall get wet, you’ve got twice as many problems as you did at the start of the flooding. For example, hardwood floors start to buckle, plaster and sheetrock begin to sag and crack, and vinyl loosens from the floor. In terms of mold, mold spores start to colonize and mold fungus spreads quickly. Be aware of the top places to look for mold because if left undetected, mold can make your business inhabitable.

Disaster Doctors: Commercial Water Damage Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah Can Help

Count on commercial water damage restoration experts at Disaster Doctors in Salt Lake City, Utah to extract water, combat mold, and prevent future water damage problems with our timely, knowledgeable, and reliable service. The only risk you run is by waiting. We’re a licensed, award-winning, family-owned business who offers a lifetime warranty, financing, insurance, and satisfaction guaranteed! For all commercial water damage repair services, give us a call at 801-210-1988 today.


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