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Are you experiencing a leaking toilet tank that is causing water damage? Contact the Disaster Doctors for all your plumbing leak repair needs. We are the damage restoration experts who can help you with your water damage cleanup needs. Give us a call if you are in the SLC area and need help with leaking sewage. The longer you wait, the more the water damage restoration process will take.

Toilet Leaks Can Lead to More Water Damage if Not Taken Care of Immediately

Have you experienced a toilet leak in your home recently? A sewage pipe leak can lead to many problems with your toilet. From the toilet leaking from the base to water damage, a leak can be a serious issue. That is why it is important to know how to identify plumbing leaks and call the professionals before it becomes a bigger problem.

How to Identify a Sewage Leak

Oftentimes, a dye test is needed to identify a sewage leak. Specialty dye can be purchased at your local supplies store to complete this task. Once you have identified if there is a sewage leak or not, you will need to call the experts to help you with this problem.

Other Signs of Sewage Leaks

A leaking toilet is oftentimes a sign of a plumbing leak in the house. You will need to take immediate action if your toilet is leaking from the base. If your toilet is leaking from the bottom, place towels around it to soak up the water that is being poured out. If there is a sewage leak, you will need to take quick action and call the professionals to help with the sewage cleanup process.

How the Disaster Doctors Can Help You

If there’s anything we’re certain of, it’s that we know how to fix a leaking toilet and any water damage that has occurred. Our expert team of service technicians specializes in toilet leak and sewage cleanup problems. We can also assist with water damage repair and water leak repair issues around the house. If your toilet is leaking, it is an obvious sign that you need water pipe leak repair. Let our professionals fix your leaking toilet before it becomes a bigger and more costly problem.

Our Disaster Doctors Repair Water Damage from Leaking Toilets and Sewage Cleanup in SLC, Utah

A small leak can turn into a much bigger problem if it is not treated. Mold and mildew can build up in the house and cause terrible health problems for you and your family. Disaster Doctors are here to fix your home in the event of a water damage catastrophe. We have been providing friendly toilet leak repair services in the Salt Lake City, Utah area for years and are happy to assist you with all your needs. We utilize the newest state of the art disaster restoration machinery. We have the best tools for the job, such as high-power vacuums, fans, and equipment to test for contamination. We offer financing options for all your repair needs and accept insurance. Our technicians are friendly and respond quickly to all calls. If your toilet is leaking and causing water damage, or if you are in need of sewage cleanup, give us a call at 810-210-1988 to get your home back to normal today.