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Water Damage Caused by Plumbing Failures

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The Hidden Costs of Water Damage

Have you just discovered a puddle of water or soaked drywall? We at Disaster Doctors specialize in fixing plumbing and water damage in the Salt Lake City area — including cleanup and restoration. Give us a call anytime at 801-210-1988. One of our certified technicians can be at your door in 60 minutes (or less) for a free inspection and assessment. We’re proud to be listed as a top restoration company on Angie’s List, Expertise.com, and HomeAdvisor. We’ll save you trouble by billing your insurance directly, plus we have financing available.

As a family business, we at Disaster Doctors know how stressful a water leak can be. And we’re here for you! We’ve got high-power fans and vacuums to clean things up quickly. Since damage isn’t always obvious, we also use thermal cameras to find and fix any hidden damage before it can get worse.

Common Sources of Water Leaks

Plumbing – Plumbing is usually hidden in walls and floors, which are easily damaged by water. Metal plumbing can corrode or break, and plastic plumbing can get brittle with age. And when water freezes, it can even crack steel pipe. Whether it’s clean source water or dirty wastewater, a broken pipe can do a lot of damage in a hurry.

Dishwashers A leaking door seal can spill water onto the floor. Or the supply and wastewater hoses could fail. A leak can do more than just curl your linoleum — it can also damage the floor and cabinets around it.

Refrigerator/ice makerThese are most welcome on a hot day! But icemakers have a surprisingly high failure rate. If yours breaks, it might mean lukewarm lemonade, or it might mean a wet moldy floor under the fridge.

Washing machines Clothes washers hook into your plumbing with one hose for hot water and one for cold. These hoses can age, crack, and spray like a fountain. Some washers have gaskets that can fail, or wash tubs that can break and spill water.

Water heater These usually look like a tall metal cylinder near your main water line. Some use electricity, some use gas. A failure could cause water damage, but it could also cause electrical or fire problems as well. Luckily, Disaster Doctors can fix both water and fire damage if you need it!

Reverse osmosis – These act like filters to remove contaminants from your drinking water. They’re typically installed where you use water the most, like under a kitchen sink. A failure could allow contaminants into your drinking water, or it could soak everything around it.

Sinks & ToiletsA sink failure could be a dripping faucet or a leak in the drain pipe. A toilet could fail by leaking from the supply hose or the tank. Or worse, you could have a waste-side leak from either (which is about as bad as it sounds).

HVAC – HVAC units can leak as a result of neglect, improper maintenance or a malfunctioning component in the system.

Salt Lake City, Utah Disaster Doctors Can Help with Water Damage Caused by Plumbing Failures Cleanup

It can be intimidating to see a puddle of water by your toilet. Or a swimming pool in your basement! But it’s important to act fast — leaving water to stand can cause structural damage, or allow mold to set in. If you’ve got water leaks or damage, give Disaster Doctors a call right now! We’ll get right over to help.

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