Water Mitigation Services

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Whether from heavy rains or a plumbing emergency, water in your home can take its toll quickly and leave devastating damages in its wake. Water not only weakens the infrastructure of any building that it invades, it’s also an ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria and other hazardous organisms, creating an environment that’s detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

The quickest and best way to deal with the presence of water in your home is to immediately seek our water restoration services. Remediation specialists have the resources, tools and expertise to not only eliminate standing water and saturated areas, but also to deal with any negative consequences that water can bring with it.

Disaster Doctors has dealt with damage of all types caused by water, spanning a vast scope of work—whether it’s a flooded basement or an intrusion caused by violent storms. We’re highly adept at pinpointing the full range of damage and assessing its severity, allowing us to implement the right solutions for sustainable remediation.

Eliminating Water in Your Home

When it comes to eliminating water in your home or business, the first priority is removing any standing water with our water cleanup service. Our technicians use high-powered vacuums, drainage techniques and more to alleviate the most pressing issue of standing water first, absolving you of any further destruction.

Once standing water has been taken care of, we use comprehensive drying techniques and dehumidifying equipment to mitigate any moisture that may linger in the area, allowing us to tackle the site to remove any odors, microscopic pathogens or mold that may have already begun to infect your space.

The final step in our water restoration services in is to repair any infrastructure damage or weakened sections of the area, to prevent dangerous instances and future devaluation. We’ll do this all with precision and expertise, saving you the time, hassle and cost that can come with improper or lackluster remediation efforts.

Don’t leave damage up to chance or invest in methods of water mitigation that aren’t going to give you completely sound results—instead, dial Disaster Doctors at the first sign of a water intrusion to ensure the safety of your family and the stability of your structure.

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